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This half-new poll is a little extended version from a previous one, including just one fragrance more which has shown up since then:

What do you think about Gabys perfumes?

Gabriela Sabatini (her first)
Wild Wind
Summer Breeze
All are equally good
I do not know all of these
I don't like any one

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Which Gaby Sabatini perfume do you like now most

How you value Gabys official site

Your opinion about Gabys perfume activity

Talent and appearance of Gaby

What you want additionally on my site

Which Gaby Sabatini perfume do you like most

What do you want to see at Gabys homepage

How do you like Gabys appearance more

Should Gaby play tennis in the public again

She should get a leading WTA position

I would like to hear her singing

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