MPEG Animations from Gabys Perfume Ads...
The nice MPEG guy Webzauberer recorded by chance the following clip and transformed it into the digital MPEG format: thanks to him for this and at the moment also for hosting them!

Only at end Gaby appears in this clip - I hope to offer also the others, especially my favorites among them ("Magnetic" and "Cascaya").

Two video captures from the clip (click on a thumbnail for a larger version):

Gaby headGaby total

There are at now three versions of the "Wild Wind for Men", "mens favorites" clip:

short finishing scene with Gaby , size = 1,002 kBytes = 1 MB

complete clip in usual quality , size = 1,614 kBytes = 1.6 MB

complete clip in high quality , size = 3,204 kBytes = 3.1 MB

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