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This interview was printed with some great accompanying pictures in the gentle German men's magazine MAXIMs issue September 2001 and so I translated it (back?) into English; the interview itself was taken by Hauke Herffs.

Matchball Sabatini

With this woman it's easy, to guess it right: in tennis the Argentine was of world-class. And now, since she creates perfumes, we smell her even better. (remark by the translator: difficult to translate and incorrect too: she began with perfume creation 1989, even before the top of her tennis career, see below).

Misses Sabatini, 1996 you played your last tennis professional game. Do you miss the competition sometimes?

Not at all. After my retirement, there was no single moment, when I wanted to be back in the professional sports. Though I still train intensely, but tennis I don't play anymore, not even just for fun.

Why? You were long 13 years an active tennis professional.

It's no more important to me, and I have nearly no more any contacts to former colleagues. With six years I started with tennis, and since then every single day was just this sports. I was so much involved and grown up with it, that I forgot my personal evolution this way. When I noticed, that I missed it, it gave much less fun as before. Tennis is a lonely sports, the most time you are travelling on your own.

What do you think about todays tennis? Anna Kournikova for example is world famous, despite winning no tournament ever. Does meanwhile only sex appeal count?

No, if you're trailing the world ranking, even the most beautiful face is useless. Anna Kournikova is not just a pretty woman, but also a good tennis player. This is different with sponsor and endorsement contracts. There well-looking is an advantage, and why Anna Kournikova should make no use of it? The look of the players is today also more in the focus, because the tennis outfit has changed very much. The companies create now more tight, sexy dresses.

You wore in contrast the white uniform dresses.

Oh my god, really boring. I like the new look, but some dresses, like worn by the Williams sisters, would be to daring and uncomfortable for me. I'm a little more modest.

Who of the current tennis players do you think are most attractive?

Patrick Rafter I like most among the men. Among the women in my opinion Anna Kournikova and Mary Pierce look best.

Tennis is a lonely sports, you said a few minutes ago. The right man for your life you didn't find even as business woman so far.

My dream is my own family and children, but the matching man hasn't met myself so far. In this regard I'm happy about Steffi Graf too. On business voyages I meet many men, but mostly the time available is too short, to develop anything. (considering) In this respect not much has changed. And I'm living predominantly in my country Argentina, but I think, it will less likely work with an Argentine man, because most are machos. (laughing) I don't like this, despite Latin is my favored kind of man.

With your family you're very tight, your father has managed you for years and is your closest councellor. Eventually he is too controlling for you?

(laughing again) For sure my father is watching me, but in a normal manner, I'm completely independent. It's even more like vice versa, my family looks for men eventually suitable for me. My brother always asks: hey, would you like him or another one there? The right man will come into play for sure some time, anyway I'm open to everything, what's coming up.

Since 1989 you're creating perfumes. Which fragrance do you like especially with men?

I like it, if one passes a man and can smell immediately his perfume, the bouquet following yourself even some steps along. My new fragrance "Dévotion for Men", which comes out in October (2001), is a strong, spicy smell. Strong fragrances are signaling strength and optimism to women. Men could be easily more brave in this regard. (end of interview)

Personal closing comment

Oh dear Gaby, I can't let this go any more uncommented: I'm convinced, that most men like me (despite I'm not claiming to be a typical man or even typical human being) don't like perfumes very much at all --- it seems to me, that the women are the primary fragrance lovers. Most of us are even hating, when women use so strong perfumes, that they can be smelled 100 m away! I will make this the topic of another poll...


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