An Interview (1998) by a German Magazine
After a certain consideration I decided to put in this interview, despite I had to translate it back into English from a German magazine ("Bunte") and there are justified, slightly doubts about the correctness of the interview - but at least I couldn't discern obvious manipulations (the original was performed in English or Spanish). This is, because there are very few publications, which you can trust generally to 100 %. The occasion for this interview in Germany resulted from Gabys decoration with a price she won for her perfume "Bolero" at an event in Hamburg in 1998.

Question: Are you sorry for your (former) main rival Steffi Graf at the moment?

Gaby: She has gone through a lot. Especially private. But also her many hurts were extremely bad. Well, she deserves a better living. Steffi Graf did a lot for my sports. She deserves to be happy. (the translator: she sad once, happyness is always only for moments)

Question: Were you able, to comfort her at any time?

Gaby: She doesn't let her comfort at all. She is very brittle, doesn't let anybody really come through to her. She decides herself, who is allowed to penetrate to her.

Question: You performed a complete change of your image. Seeming more slender, sexy, have a feminine aura...

Gaby: First I lost more then six kilograms, when I ceased with the top sport. That were all muscles. They are now gone. Now I have the bravery, to do fine things. Formerly this was more despised. At that time I was more machine-like. (the translator: this is in my view clearly exaggerated, but it's interesting to hear about this feeling...) Today I have for business to do perfumes and fashion. (the translator: I saw a short while ago a collection of hers produced for a well-known German dispatch group).

Question: How you maintain now your shape?

Gaby: I work out in a studio. Every day, regardless where I am, at least two hours. I need it. I can't cease it.

Question: Several minutes ago a German friend greeted you. An old love?

Gaby: Yes. He was once my boyfriend.

Question: He first whispered into your ear, that he wants first to walk away, because he wanted not to be photographed with you. Why? (the translator: how wants the interviewer know that?)

Gaby: Because I want so. There were so much affairs of me created by the media...

Question: Invented?

Well, of course I was not always a true single. I had some relations, once also to a famous pop star (the translator: probably Ricky Martin is the one not explicitly mentioned). But I want not, that everybody hears about. Than I can't longer be myself.

Question: How do you became acquainted with these men?

Gaby: Every time through the tennis.

Question: Formerly it seemed to us/me, that you had not much to decide in your family, that your father preferred your brother in this respect. (The translator doesn't share this impression. All family members seemed to me very supportive to Gabriela at all time).

Gaby: Surely Argentina is a man-dominated country. Also for sure, the main interest is focused onto the male descendants. But I carried through well with my tennis. I got the respect by usage of the tennis racket. But it was not easy for me. I was always extremely concentrated. I can't do it other way. I can't use several tracks at once. Can't combine to laugh, be happy, present myself at any prize and also win on the centre court. I was than always more for myself.

Question: Your brother Osvaldo just married. Why does you not?

Gaby: I want children at any time. But at the moment the liberty, I have now finally, has a far too high value. I was formerly not lacking liberty, but I was so stuck into plans. I can now live more spontaneously. This I want not yet to give away.

Question: When you are ready for marriage, how do you want to do it?

Gaby: As a big event. Totally white. The complete family, church, wedding fancy cake - all.  (the translator: she seems to be a firm catholic, despite the current women-hostile pope).

A closing remark from the translator: it's typical for Gabriela, that she doesn't criticize Steffi Graf anyway, despite Graf acted often in a nasty way against her. But you will hardly ever hear any bad word of Gaby about somebody else...

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