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Gabriela Sabatini portrait

Gabriela Sabatini (* 16. May 1970 Argentine flag)

(last update 26. Oct 2003, layout and navigation revised and Gabys newest fragrance)

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This and the related pages are dedicated to one of the only three great female tennis stars of the 80's and 90's (the two others are Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert). Because to become a real great sports star, it needs much more than only a long hold number one position in the ranking or in tennis many Grand Slam tournament wins. It also requires a strong personality and aura and outstanding abilities on the court, not only of the pure physical kind.

Besides this, Gabriela Sabatini is in my view the most beautiful woman I've ever seen (note: 1992 she was elected by People's Magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people). And it's hard to tell, what I admire most about her: her examplary behaviour on and off the tennis courts, her incredible touch with racket and ball, the best one I've ever witnessed in womens' tennis (not only the trick stroke “through the legs”, which was invented by Yannick Noah and demonstrated by her with perfection), the elegance, with which she moved around the court or — as mentioned above — her extraordinary beauty. And last but not least, her character is a great one: modest, honest, full of humor, polite and with a good backbone she was the best representative of her sport.

As a kid she was shy, but she developed towards a woman with appropriate self confidence. Her talent for playing — or should I say, celebrating? — tennis was early confirmed by the win of the famous Orange Bowl with only 13 years. And later she was the youngest Wimbledon semi finalist in 1986 with only 16 years of all time, when this was the lower age limit for participation (therefore the cases of Charlotte Dod or Jennifer Capriati can't be really compared).

Very sad is, that she never achieved goals, which have to be considered as logical ones in her career: the win of all four Grand Slam tournaments at least one time (she won only the US Open one time and was one time finalist in Wimbledon, along with around a dozen further semi finals at the Grand Slams) and the gaining of the top positon in the WTA ranking. At least she held in the years 1991 and 1992 for the first half of the two years the top position in price money wins. This failure is due to several circumstances: the lack of a bit luck in key moments of her career, the fact, that she played during an unusual strong top player constallation for the most time, her modest way, which enabled unscrupulous rivals like Steffi Graf and Monica Seles to manipulate behind the scenes to their advantage (for example pressurizing of tournament directors by threatening to deny participation, if they would not fulfill their conditions); because Gabriela Sabatini would never try to gain advantages on such ways. A further point was the insane ranking system, which gave machine like players like Steffi Graf another advantage: losing early couldn't be compensated completely by successes (a simple mathematical effect of an average calculation). And finally, Gabriela is simply to nice for a business like ladies tennis, which shows a lot of nasty features by unfair rivaling methods (one example I mentioned above). Maybe her demand for much social contacts on the single person type tennis tour was another reason for the lack of success: she was obviously unhappy about this very often.

Now I have to discuss two really annoying points: the agitating Klaus Hofsäß accused her once, that she (!) should have used doping. If you know Gabriela a little bit, you also know, that this is totally ridiculous, for she hates drugs anyway (also normal medical ones), will never betray anyway (doping is a nasty way of betrayal) and had no way the need to use such methods, because of her outstanding talent. Simply she would be the last among the tennis professionals, which would use drugs. Her character is far too strong anyway, she could fight well against the loneliness on the tour, which she sometimes remarked. Her family helped her too (father, brother and mother). The scandal was, that the international tennis associations didn't punish Hofsäß for his infamous lies. This would have been their duty, because they have to stop a coach (a very incompetent one and insane Steffi Graf ‘lover’, too) from doing such aggressive things (that Hofsäß is no way a good coach, you can read for example in the German magazine „Tennis Revue“).

With a certain surprise even for me I just learned, that there were even political reasons for lack of more success in Gabys career: after the Seles case IMG decided to support mainly Seles and not in an adaquate way Gabriela, despite being victim of a crime doesn't mean an improvement of character, in the case of Seles this was clearly also true — a very superficial decision.

The other attack came from the Internet: Gabriela has ever protected with good — of course not total — success her privacy, despite her world wide great popularity (for example, there are nine perfumes carrying her name) she wanted never gain so much attention. But she fulfilled her duties in public affairs in a really examplary manner. She is not a woman, which would like posing or even being captured nude by the scum called the Paparazzi. That's the reason, for I'm very angry about fakes created of her, showing her nude in the Internet. The worst attack of these was a picture, which was claimed to show her totally nude lying on her back at a beach. A contact with the The Fake Detective confirmed finally, that this picture is just an image of an in this posture similar looking Penthouse girl with name Nicola. For a good observer and long years Gabriela watching one like me, this was discernable, that it's not her on the picture, but for less good observers this may be very difficult. To be more specific, the picture(s) are shown as eyetest 3 in the above link, left upper area.

To close the annoying points, also accusations, that she were lazy, more interested in parties than in playing tennis or tried to get a highest-as-possible star status, are so twisted lies, that they are barely worth to mention them.

And finally I don't know, what I shall think about news, that she wants to start a singer career. I'm sure, that she knows, that she will fail to reach the level and success in such an area, that she reached despite all in professional tennis. But possibly she wants only to do something, which could enjoy her, and Gabriela has probably meanwhile overcome the large amount of stress, which a professional tennis players life creates (ask any of the top players, regardless, whether male or female, they will all agree to this statement). It's now more than two years, that she stopped playing professional tennis… And doing virtually nothing, is not a persistently acceptable status for her, of course.

Official Site

This is supposed to be the main page for her fans. There are already some MPEG-1 and proprietary Quicktime 4/Sorenson clips available. Uses Shockwave Flash and (ab-)uses JavaScript and frames. The focus is her assortment of own fragrances advertised online, but it contains also some personal informations.

With her tennis career an official (tennis) homepage of her ceased too. This was a fault in my view, because never only the tennis issues were interesting and fascinating about her and obviously they changed their mind meanwhile also; besides she is remembered by a number of people in the Internet, which are nearly all organized in this ring of sites:

Bomis: The Gabriela Sabatini Ring

(remark: some of these sites present also fakes (see above) or some in my view at least slightly invasive pictures, but the majority is okay)

Mainly from sites of this ring I took some pictures as a measure for creating a special homage to her with remarks and thoughts, inspired by these pictures… (see right resp. on top (in feeble browsers), homage tour).

A great Gaby Fanpage

This fine done, graphical impressive (of course therefore sometimes a bit slow loading) fanpage from a Jordan student has become the number one of all Sabatini fanpages, as only one covering all parts of the phenomenon Gabriela Sabatini besides mine — at least so far I know. If you find some fault in links etc., than don't hesitate to email her, she will appreciate help according to my experience… A final hint: disabling JavaScript is a good idea with her page, because the only thing, what happens with activated preference is, that the annoying geocities popup will appear, taking time, money and a part from the page away! Of course in modern browsers like Mozilla and Opera you can block popups seperately without deactivating J(ava)Script like needed in IE and old Netscape.

Current remark: she has now jumped onto the bandwagon of “shocked” flash sites, so you need now the Macromedia Flash Player, which shouldn't pose any problem: it's even in V7 available now not only for the nasty M$ Winshit systems, but also for MacIntosh and GNU/Linux (still version 6, but recent enough for virtually all sites at now). Like before that reconstruction, the loading isn't very fast, but still acceptable (I have witnessed really inacceptable slow sites due to vast shockwave flash anims!).

She has meanwhile also created a Gabriela Sabatini Forum, which has now evolved into the leading discussion and information interchange platform for Gaby. Important current remark: for all of the freedom lovers among us at least active participation in that board has become a “no-no”: I have witnessed active censorship in a posting, and when such filter techniques are applied, any arbitrary manipulation of entries is possible — the only measure to avoid this, is to stop using it! So far I'm concerned like many Gaby fans out there, I have chosen an acceptable way: only visiting with a text browser and only occasionally, so it prevents the censors of gaining ad clickthroughs.

And the newest effort of the restless Rula is a chat room too… If you like Gaby and like to chat, you may participate also there.

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