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Gaby promoting her current new fragrance This is just a small online account from a boulevard magazine in Germany, taken during the presentation of Gabys new perfume "Dévotion" in Hamburg at the begin of February 2001, by Dagmar Haas-Pilwat, so I translated it into English:

She is now more slender, since she retired from the tennis circuit four years ago in New York. She is beautiful, self-confident and a successful business woman. She has a house in Buenos Aires, an apartment in Florida, travels around the world, wears expensive clothing from Armani, Gucci, Ungaro und Donna Karan, only the "man to marry, him I couldn't find yet", she regrets, while she passes genderly over her long, black hair out of her face. And this despite Gabriela Sabatini, one of the most successful tennis professionals, is already 30 years old and thinks, that slowly the time has come, to fulfill her dream of family and an house full of her own children.

But eventually her new perfume can help her with the search after the "right one". "Not for nothing it's called 'Dévotion' (seduction)", what's underlined by the attractive Argentine with the wonderful, rather dark eyes during an interview in the fine hotel "Vier Jahreszeiten" in Hamburg (the hotels name means four seasons).

Directly from Buenos Aires she travelled to the Alster (a little flow in the city Hamburg) by aircraft, to present her ninth (another remark of the translator: seems to be counted wrong, due to my own knowledgs it's "only" the seventh) fragrance. This time the flask (originally French, "Flakon") is bright ruby red, the perfume fresh and juicy, for women from 16 to 39. Obviously the name Sabatini sells well --- especially in Germany, Latin America and Eastern Europe. The first one, simply called "Gabriela Sabatini", is a best selling fragrance now already for ten years, as it's assured by the producer Muelhens in Cologne.

Every of her perfumes carries with the current situation of her life, her own mood, the South American with much temper tells and uses this time indeed all categories of lust and passion: "I like to flirt and often play with the fire." Who doesn't believe, may be convinced by the new TV advertisement: It's dark, a light incites. In the light Gabrielas sultry eyes are flashing. The flame flares, the view is the naked chest of a Latin man, and Gaby --- how her long time rival Steffi Graf called her --- blows off the light. Seduction is in the air, matching the sexy crackling tango rhythm.

Latin American rhythms were also played during the evening premiere party for 100 invited guests in the "Weißes Haus" (means "White House", but is only a local institution, has nothing to do with Germanys government!). Also present was Heiner Kamps, a bakery king (Kamps has gained nearly a monopoly in bakery products meanwhile here in Germany) and friend of the Sabatinis. The by the sun brown-skinned Düsseldorfer (lies roughly in the midth of Germany, in the most strongly populated area of our country), accompanied by a bodyguard was obviously so heavy struck by the newest baisse of his stocks, that he didn't want any Argentine cuisine.

By the way --- asked for the rumors around "Babs"(Barbara Feltus, officially still Becker with surname, despite the actual, legal performed divorce), "Sabs" (Sabrina Setlur, the "shock" singer, with whom Boris Becker had a meanwhile finished affair), and the London baby (from that --- sorry --- Russian slut, indeed practically and officially also Beckers), Gabriela Sabtini wishes, that Boris Becker will come back to his normal life soon. During the search after the right man she has always succeeded in keeping out her privat life from the (tabloid) lines.


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