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(last update 24. Mar 1999)

Gaby on a cover
There are two recommendable books dealing with Gaby, at least so far I know: above you see the cover of a Japanese (they love her very much too) picture book with name "Gabriela Sabatini - dancing at the court" by Yukihiko Shima. The other is written by herself, and despite of it's main intention to motivate kids, it's a must for all of her fans: "My Story" by herself, Great American Publications Division, Avatar General Corporation, ISBN 1-886612-00-5. It's a summary of biography and tables especially about tennis results (up to mid-1994). Price is very moderate, imprinted are 5.95 US-$ and I paid in Germany 15.50 DM, but this of course depends of details of shipping and other factors.

Just I finally received the other book too, therefore here are further informations about it: it's indeed a pure picture book of tennis actions of Gaby, the only text parts are a short foreword of Gabriela and the photographer Yukihiko Shima, who has captured her grace and passion very well. The book is titled as mentioned above and has ISBN 4-901023-75-6, costs according imprint 50US-$ respective 6,000 yen (without guarantee even for these countries, of course you have to add shipping costs and eventually other fees depending of your country); Mitsumura Printing Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan with copyright 1997.

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