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Thoughts about and pictures of Gaby...

Gaby as model
Here you see her posing as model 1998 for a German magazine: my personal opinion is, that much make-up is no really good for the very few extraordinary natural beautiful women and even less for latina ones. They require this not at all and it masks her natural look, but at least it's impossible to hide this totally even by very heavy make-up.

One for now final word: there are - like every of us - things, she likes very much, for example fine chocolate, and also things she doesn't like at all, for example any publicity about things with men or similar private things - if she marries some day (I hope, she will find the right one!), you will know this early enough. Therefore please respect her wish, not to go public or discuss so much this topic, as it was for example done in the  CNN-Sports Illustrated message board in the last time.


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