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(last update 26. Oct 2003)

Gaby advertising
The milk above her lips shows without any doubt a nice contrast to her brown skin. During --- and after! --- her career she earned by advertising far more money than the around 9 million $ price money by playing tennis; the most famous products are now nine different perfumes, which she developed together with a German Company (not all of them are still seperately advertised, by the way). I guess these advertisement clips (at last four of the perfumes) are known to every interested person in the countries, where they were aired...

(The perfumes are in "historical" order: "Gabriela Sabatini" (without clip), "Magnetic", "Cascaya", "Bolero", "Wild Wind", "Summer Breeze", "Dévotion", "Daylight" and newest "Private Edition", the last is partly a recreation of the first one.)

Sometimes I have considered the reasons of the great commercial success of her perfumes: here attraction and Latin-American passion, her famous name, her good taste (she chooses the composition of the perfumes!) or a combination of these?

German flag Am ehesten in Deutschland in der Privatsenderwerbung zu sehen sind bzw. waren diese Werbespots, v.a. Sat 1, RTL und Pro 7 dürften diese Spots nach meiner Erfahrung zeigen bzw. gezeigt haben.


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