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The worst act of terrorism of all time so far has changed perspectives for a long time, if not forever. It was an attack against the entire free, even more, against the entire not-fanatic-islamistic world. Because of the dimension of this threat, we have to act carefully now --- panic is never a good advisor.


There are two things to keep always in mind: other than these terrorists we can't ignore human rights and the law (i.e. we are not allowed to due to our own attitude) and generally we have to defend these rights also, when we are not comfortable with this in special cases, like the treatment of the terrorists themselves.

So it is a clear violation of human rights, granted by the UN charta and the US constitution, what is done with such fanatic-islamist terrorists on Guantanamo, Cuba, at now. It is a clear overreaction, threatening the image of a fair democracy respecting human rights. As I mentioned, it is not comfortable, but necessary, to keep an human rights respecting posture in this case too.

Other legislations on the way or already done --- not only in the USA --- seem to be more panicked reactions then carefully thought regulations. And some of these are really threats to democracy itself. Here in Germany, the hotly disputed "Rasterfahndung" (some kind of general prosecution without law violation of the investigated people) is inciting discussions, whether such a general way of analyzing all people of a special descendance/religious belief agrees with the German constitution (auf Deutsch: "Grundgesetz").

Subsequent Threats

Already mentioned were some critical developments. Meanwhile other ongoing developments tempt politicians to grant more "security" with new laws. Some of them are really threatening fundamental rights. For example the commercial robbery of others proprieties like music, movies and other illegal copying has incited measures of the entertainment industry, which are more war-like then civilian acts. When they upload illegally defective sounds to systems, where often, but not solely, illegally music is traded, they use war-like countermeasures instead of law conforming approaches. And then politicians want to allow this illegal behaviour in the end!

Why the Terrorists may get a Final Triumph due to our wrong Reactions: their Unconscious Allies!

Now what may happen and who are the primary enemies of our democratic constitutions?

First of all, the mentioned terrorists would like to overthrow all our systems to replace it with a dictatorship, founded on their fanatism and hatred against all others. Despite we should treat them the way, they don't treat others themselves, in an human manner, we have to prosecute and imprison them to the fullest extent of law --- but death penalties aren't human measures (in my own view with the only possible exception of dictators, who reign with brute force over "their" folks).

Secondly commercial robbery of the mentioned kind incites massive reactions by the entertainment industry and their lobby and can tempt --- and has indeed, see the for sure not constitution conforming DMCA called law --- even politicians, to overreact in a damaging manner. So such mobs, organizing this way of illegal copying as their own illegal economy, are an indirect threat to our democracies too, delivering amunition for demanding fundamental rights violating laws.

Finally the politicians, who think, they could simply adjust by more and more control for such threats, maybe the biggest threat for democracy themselves: in the first place unsuspicious, they can go so far, that essential human rights are more and more eroded away. These are unwilling allies of the terrorists, only these can enable the terrorists to get nearer to their aim: to damage the freedom of the democracy.

The last one in this row and possibly the biggest danger for our fundamental rights due to the extent, we are today depending on computer systems in general, is the legislation initiative called TCPA ("Trusted" --- in reality Treacherous --- Computing Platform Alliance). This can easily lead to a world, where a trust of big companies controls all documents and all opinions through such computer systems, which they control themselves without any limit. For more informations read below...


condolence and first thoughts regarding the 11. Sep 2001

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