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Despite there is no clear possibility to use knowledge about extinct animals (and plants), eventually with the exception of general aspects of evolution, not only childs, but also many good scientists are fascinated especially about one group of them for different reasons. That's the reason for intense study by many specialists of the topic natural history. And so made these animals, wiped out 65 million years ago probably by a giant meteor impact, it into one of the youngest creations of mankind. As usual here are a few links, which are interesting...

My other page about them: open issues with dinosaurs

Old IllustrationDinosaurs in Pictures
In a cooperative effort scientists and artists have created many pictures of these animals - in Jurassic Park I and II also computer experts were involved, as well as in the new internation three part series about them. This site offers a collection of links to good illustrations of Dinosaurs, although the page layout is somewhat unusual and lacks appropriate spacings between lines. Luckily for extinct species only the scientific names are used, therefore no translation mechanism is required... If you know something about this topic, you will discern, that a few "intruders" are in between, which are not Dinosaurs, for example Ichtyosaurus and Pteranodon. The only feature, which they share besides being also reptiles, is, that they died alongside with the Dinosaurs at the mentioned time. But of course they are also interesting. The species names are in alphabetical order, scheduled as an index page, especially useful for searching rarer Dinosaurs.


Deinonychus skeletonBig Dinosaur homepage...
This is a collection of many different aspects of the extinct animals. You can for example order replicas of fossils there(!), view the actual articles (and also earlier ones) or pictures and so on. This is a member of a ring of paleo sites, so you can proceed into another homepages easily - but you will probably first stuck for a certain time, because all of you should find some interesting topics there.


Illinois Geological SurveyIllinois Geological Survey Dinosaur homepage
There you are greeted with a nice 100 kByte animated GIF of a walking theropod. They present among other offers also a number of links for children, which are mostly Dinosaur lovers (I was no exception).


Dinoland: Dinosaur experts webring was deleted due to yahoos move!?
A fine collection of expert sites about dinosaurs. Browsing through is likely to find --- nearly --- every piece of existing informations about the stars of the mesozoic.


 BBC about Dinosaurs
If you have seen the international three part TV series (meanwhile also available on video casettes), which was co-produced also by BBC, than you know about the stunning presentation of the extinct animals. This site of BBC deals now online with many items around these.


 Overview about dinosaur species
A very comprehensive overview about the diverse species of that reptiles. In the order of 1,000 species were described scientifically so far, so this big list is a valuable means of help to answer especially taxilogical and relational questions.


Lourinhasaurus bone mapThe Interplanetary Dinosaur Gazette
This is mainly a fun site with cartoons and so on about the Dinosaurs. The above logo from another homepage(!) is scaled down, but 100 kBytes in size and can slow down your entry on the start page somewhat. Also I hope you own a big (at least 17, better 21 inch) monitor for the little font choosed to enjoy fully the contents. Remark: meanwhile they have worked and improved the site in the points mentioned above.


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