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The best penalty for that mob is bankruptcy: they shall lose all money, what they have illegally gained! The following is a list of proposals for us all, to accomplish this goal as fast as possible --- the faster they are stopped, the better, because this spares all people and companies a lot of money and ceases this unprecedented threat of our freedom. It's just, that we have to know no mercy against this most dangerous and forceful aggressor of the IT world. An good example for their crimes can be read there.

To avoid any misunderstandings possible: despite the criminal union of Redmond uses often illegal means, I'm clearly against such measures, despite it's some sort of self-defense, what we are doing. For example, for me writing and deploying any kind of worms, viruses and Trojans or hacking are simply acts of mere vandalism and should be always punished, despite the easy to attack, because being inherently insecure products of the Redmond mob are nowadays the main target (and will be until it's final demise).

  • first of all: don't buy any M$ products! For all of these there are adequate substitutions. The free GNU/Linux runs for virtually nothing regarding costs on the same hardware, with very user friendly desktops like KDE and Gnome, you can use StarOffice from Sun Microsystems or that's GPL base system instead of any of the too expensive products of the bandits of Redmond --- the import filters for their proprietary formats are very good, I know, and with the new V6 StarOffice (during writing a beta) they will be even better. And StarOffice/OpenOffice finally breaks with proprietary file formats for office documents now, via saving exclusively in XML, so it can be easily read and processed with other systems, open for all standard interface techniques. If you need a good multimedia system with an easy GUI and a little more expensive hardware, than Apples Mac OS X for Macintosh is your best bet, for extreme high end purposes still the SGI IRIX workstations are the only choice.

  • while you can not buy the Redmond gangs products, this becomes a lot harder, if you buy a computer. Unless it's a UNIX workstation or server, you will have a hard time to avoid one of the illegal monopoly tactics used by them: bundle their shitty products with these computers, either way, if it's an Intel/AMD based PC or a Macintosh --- still too few vendors offer M$ free hard-/software packages, and even if they do, you have usually to pay a fee indirectly to the Redmond mob with it's sticky fingers without getting informed about this... My only advice: collect the evidence against them in this regard, it can be valuable, to enable you to claim money back later, when the sentence against M$ eases up matters clearly! And if enough from us do so, the financial regain, which converts to a loss for the mob, can be a threatening loss for them, getting us nearer to our common aim.

  • for all folks, who have a reason and the capability, it is their duty, to process against the Redmond mob: the more juristic action is taken against them, the more money it costs them and because these actions end usually in sentences to pay money, it costs them even more --- not only to gain at least a part of your money back, which was illegally robbed by that gang, but also to reduce and maybe reverse their illegal profits, which will drive them nearer to the abyss, where they belong to.

  • it's quite obvious: who works directly for the Redmond mob, is guilty too of their offenses, because it's well known, how they commit their crimes and that they do so systematically and regularly. That offers another approach: if you happen to meet/know any of these folks, let them feel, how much you despise them for working for the gang, because they have to be considered as members of a criminal union, and there is no excuse for not "knowing" the truth (it's just impossible)! If we can exert enough --- psychic! --- pressure on them, they will eventually leave the mob and weakening it therefore. Also it enables the than former collaborators, to become better human beings...

  • if you're a decision maker in your job, it's quite obvious, that you should always consider, what helps the free UNIX world and damages the "business" of the foe of freedom in Redmond. This should be always your guideline, and as mentioned above you can today do very well without any of the shit the gang offers.

  • and finally fight vigourosly against the big brother OSs with names ME and XP --- they have the sole purpose, to get the absolute control about every single customer --- more correctly expressed: victim! --- of them. Denial of acceptance of these is nothing less as a freedom conservation act! So it's your duty, to deny all attacks from Redmond via these privacy destroying systems!

Believe me: most of you will be surprised, how quickly the demise of the Redmond gang can and will occur and how complete it will be, because there are virtually exclusively companies and governments wary or hostile against them. The first major decreases in their "business" will accelerate the mobs final obliteration. And there is no escape route for them, they simply can't bear any competition, another reason, why they try to suppress such illegally.


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