The often mysterious Chigs...
The creators and actors of SPACE are not inclined to expose all "facts", backgrounds and relations between events etc. to the viewers. In the following short sections I try to put some opinions/suggestions and comments about these alien beings; they are in the order of the series...

The Pilot

Two questions arise in the opening of the series: why the Chigs attacked the mankind anyway and why they missed only by the 58. the successful invasion of the Solar System and especially the Earth?

Later in the series you hear, that the reason according the Chigs was ignoring and compartmentalization of a warning from the Chigs by a group of irresponsible, devilish acting humans. Now put this together with the aggressive behaviour of the Chigs, which is not unlike to our own. And the also devilish silicates wanted badly, that the Chigs would fight against the mankind, they even lied to them, I guess. This seems to be enough, to explain the attacks on Vesta and Tellus and the subsequent war.

The another question: my opinion is, that Lt. Hawkes was also wrong, as Lt.Col. Fouts were! You should be aware of the situation: just before the invasion the Chigs had beaten the best wing in the Solar System, the 127. fighter attack squadron ("Angry Angels") badly, which were onboard the USS Yorktown. At this point it is easy to imagine, that the easliy winning Chigs decided to change their original plans, which were decoded from the material found by the 58. The Chigs thought probably, it would be now easy to conquer the Earth without any additional action before and directed a strong invasion fleet towards Earth. Another detail: any commanding officer is in my view supposed, to avoid any problems, if it doesn't raise any disadvantage. So it's also very comprehensive, that the Chigs flew around the asteroid zones in the Jupiter orbit with name Trojans, when they discovered them.

The farthest Man from Home

There occurred the speculation, that they fear their dead comrades and raised the question, which relation the Chigs have to the death in general. This is really hard to comprehend; only one thing seems to be sure: as any intelligent being they fear to die.

Ray Butts

The Chigs present a very disgusting behaviour for humans: they rip out the eyes and hearts of dead humans. This may be some sort of religious or similar founded ritual. Remember, that they are no humans and therefore you can't measure this solely according our ethical values.

River of Stars

An unusual event, certainly not by chance introduced by Wangs presentation of World War I events, needs probably unusual explanations. What, if not all Chigs are equally hostile? In that episode there seemed only one version imaginable: one of the Chigs showed mercy to the "Wildcards - expect no mercy" marine aviators. Eventually this individual knew about Christmas, because the Chigs had without any doubt knowledge about all main matters with humans, due to decades of observing/receiving radio signals of all type and the betrayal by the silicates?!

Who monitors the Birds?

Another example of non-cliché behaviour. One of the Chigs, facing a knife fight with Lt.Hawkes, shows signs of denying to fight against him, after they both rolled down due to a push of Hawkes for evading Chig fire. A very human-like reaction: disgusted by the repeated killing of both parties, this was a minor offer for a personal peace between the Chig and Hawkes. They exchanged pieces of their equipment for confirmation of this move!

Never no More / The angriest Angel

There was shown, that the Chigs knew even more subtile psychological methods with humans: the next generation fighter, referred to as "Chiggie von Richthofen", wore the English (!) words "Abandon all Hope". If any Earth fighter pilot survived a confrontation with it, this should in Chigs view serve as a tool to demoralize the human pilots even more, after they had already learned the inferiorty of the SA-43 Hammerhead fighter attack plane against the newest Chig model of warplane.

Another action deserves an analysis too, I guess: after one Hammerhead was damaged and the pilot ejected its canopy as last emergency procedure, the "Chiggie von Richthofen" shot this rescue vehicle into pieces. Two reasons are possible: further demoralization was intended, but more likely to me, the other is, that the values of Earth pilots mean simply nothing to the Chigs. They may act always in the way, to kill any enemy under all circumstances. This fits well to other examples of their way to fight.

Finally a more technical remark: Lt.Col. McQueen succeeded in my view simply by choosing the right moment and aim at "Chiggie von Richthofen". Because the engines/thrusters (nobody knows exactly, how that plane worked...) have to emit any means for moving, they need some sort of open structure. These were hit by McQueens big salvo... (the only "art" therefore was, to be not shot down before this chance occurred).

Sugar Dirt

Another strategic consideration: Demios is a planet, which strategic importance is not accepted generally without any doubts. Both sides took anyway big losses into account - possible irrational behaviour of both. Probably by the failed initial invasion the Chigs couldn't equip this planet with appropriate forces and so first the Earth forces were able to take the planet relatively easy back. But than the Chigs made an important mistake: beating the already stationed Earth forces with the main force from their important Ixtion base, they weakened the defense of that more important planet considerably. May it have been another trial to demonstrate there at that time already only simulated "superiority", it was one of the greatest turning points of the war. Too much psychology can be fatal, even for "all-knowing" beings like the Chigs...

The final double episode

There was always the riddle of responsibility for the war. Regardless to the millions of victims (so I guess), this question seems to be answered finally. A Chig ambassador(!) kills by pure hate, incited by the unscrupulous behaviour and reaction of that human subject, which threatens the possibility of peace for both the Chigs, which are under attack, and the mankind, whose commanding officers don't need another major battle with large amounts of victims - a ground war ever creates far too much of these. Indeed, the older race of the Chigs was as the mankind no way able, to act at all times rational!


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