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CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface and is used, to execute scripts on certain user actions. Regarding Java and JavaScript, I recommend strongly to deactivate the support for these generally, and to turn it on again only when needed, for certain at least in your view sufficient trustworthy sites (and don't forget to turn it off again after leaving!). Cookies shouldn't be enabled at all or accepted only, if you manually accept one. Eventually you should consult your browser documentation, to find the configuration for these switches.

But CGI calls are not executed by your browser, but by the webserver of the site, you are currently on! Personally speaking generally I avoid all, what could be invasive against visitors of my homepage. And therefore I don't use any of the possibilities to gain further information about visitors by the CGI calls I use on various poll and link jump pages; only the votes are counted anonymously or a random URL is chosen; nothing more. You can be sure, that this is unlike many other sites using CGI --- and you can't deactivate this, contrary to the potential or real invasive elements like Java(Script), cookies and so on. (the reason for the technically interested: the call is executed on the server, as mentioned above, where the web server runs, or another (web) server (also possible!), and not like the others by your browser, therefore you have no influence on it, once it is initiated!). At principal you can avoid activating cgi actions in links and forms, but this requires careful surfing:

If you want to be careful, you can can discern a CGI call by pointing on it before activating it by following signs virtually for sure: the (look at the status line or link tooltip!) displayed link contains a pattern like cgi, cgi-bin or similar, ends not with .htm, .html, .jpg, .mpg or similar, but with .cgi, .sh, .php, .pl or has no extension at all, contains a question mark or an & character, or you can see an action button (usually text surronded by a double frame or in a metal like box).

A final remark: only meant as an advice and clearly restricted on the only meaningful web server environment variable in this regard (HTTP_USER_AGENT), I show you, how I evaluate the browser you are using to call my CGIs: that bourne shell script just proposes you an adequate substitution for the browser you use, if it's not one of the acceptable in my view. This is as well for your information, as to strengthen your trust in my site...

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