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Alley Baggett  portrait of just a pretty face? (and matching body)

Extremely pretty Playboy model (* 14. Jul 1973); remark: as for example also Katarina Witt does she is fighting with a lawyer against all sites besides Playboys and her official sites, which present pictures of her. Therefore you will often find private homepages about her closed or considerably downsized, after they were attacked by Alley and her "watchdog"... There is always a contradiction between copyrights and liberal Internet usage (that's one important reason for me not to post considerable picture material on my site), which can't be easily resolved, but Alley Baggett and Katarina Witt are clearly "out of bounds" with their behaviour in my view; as some webmasters are too, which are stealing pictures to no end without being ashamed at all. Concluding remarks: together with a company Alley created a comic with herself as main character (AlleyCat) and due to her Spanish descendance she has danced as one of Rickey Martins girls.

Her official Site (costs fee; CAUTION: 800 kByte shockwave intro lurks for any visitor...)

Unsual artistic Alley Baggett Pictures Presentation

Three BOMIS Alley Baggett rings   (the first [left hand] is still the best)

Google sorted Alley Open Directory

Alley Baggett webring   (only few member sites work, see above)

Nice French fan site (easy to find her pictures even without knowing French)

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Andrea Corr  portrait of a young singer

Irish soft rock singer (* 17. May 1974). She has not only a nice voice and is like her sisters and brother surrounded by an aura of harmony, but has a big variety and strength in singing (even for not-musicians like me recognizable). Besides a short time ago she won in a well-known magazine a poll regarding "most beautiful woman in 2000"!

The Corrs Official Site (uses shockwave and offers some international versions)

Google Open Andrea Corr Directory

Two Andrea Corr BOMIS rings

Italian Corrs fan site (also available in English)

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Athena Massey  portrait of a less known B-Movie "star"

B-Movie actress (* 10. Nov 1971).

New official site by her management (still under construction)

THE (inofficial) site!

If you search more of her, then please resort to my celebrity search hints; but don't expect too much: about some celebrities you will hardly find much stuff, and Athena seems to be no exception from this rule.

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Catherine Bell  portrait of "J.A.G.s USMC Lt.Colonel Sarah McKenzie"

TV actress (J.A.G.; * 14. Aug 1968). Remark: because some members of the evil "Scientology Church" (what a twist of truth!) helped her out of a personal crisis in her youth, she is now speaking for them. But she isn't aware, that these criminals do so only, to recruit young people for their mostly economical oriented crimes... I considered seriously to drop her out of my link list therefore, but decided finally to install this hint instead.

Google sorted Open Directory about her

Official Fan Club

A private ring of Catherine Bell sites

BOMIS Catherine Bell ring

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Courteney Cox (-Arquette)  portrait of "Monica", one of six "Friends"

(Comedy) Actress ("Friends"; * 15. Jun 1964).

Google sorted Open Directory about her

BOMIS Courteney Cox ring

Courteney Cox webring

BOMIS Arts Courteney Cox ring

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Holly Marie Combs  portrait of "Charmed vixen Piper"

TV actress ("Picket Fences", "Charmed"; * 3. Dec 1973). Her official website has now reappeared and with another URL (redirection is present anyway):

Official Holly Marie Combs Site (CAUTION: automatic refresh all 2 minutes!)

Google sorted Open Directory about her

BOMIS Holly Marie Combs ring

Charmed webring

BOMIS Arts Holly Marie Combs ring

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Lauren Holly  portrait "Picket Fences' Deputy Maxine Stuart"

Actress ("Picket Fences"; 28. Oct 1963).

BOMIS Lauren Holly ring

Google sorted Lauren Holly Open Directory (just in the beginning)

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Lisa Boyle  portrait of a sexy "super bunny"

Playboy model and B-Movie actress ("I like to play Games") of very well mixed, diverse regional descendance (* 6. Aug 1968).

Lisa Boyles official site (a well done and active, but very nude official page)

BOMIS Lisa Boyle ring - a heavily visited ring (only clearly surpassed by the most visited Pamela ring), due not only to her great appearance, I think, but also to her way of not being prudish...

Google sorted Open Lisa Boyle Directory

BOMIS Lisa Boyle Picture ring

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Manuela Arcuri  portrait of an Italian acting beauty

Young Italian actress and model (* 8. Jan 1977).

interesting non-nudes: covers and more

some English(!) remarks about her

Manuela in several appearances, often raw again --- thanks to the webmasters for giving me Manuelas birthday! Some video clips can be downloaded, while others are broken. (remember to switch off JavaScript...)

many big (topless) scans of her

official MAX site offers a small photo shooting video

BOMIS Manuela Arcuri ring

2. BOMIS Manuela Arcuri ring

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Maria Grazia Cucinotta  portrait of another Italian acting beauty

Italian actress (internationally probably best known for the initial fight with James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) in "The World is not Enough"; * 27. Jul 1969).

Official Site (home page ufficiale) (many frames; also available in Italian of course)

Google sorted Open Directory about her

Two BOMIS rings about her

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Molly Culver  portrait advertising "V.I.P. agent Tasha"

Model and actress ("V.I.P.", as "Tasha Dexter" a wonderful "rival" to "Vallery Irons" [Pamela Anderson]; * 18. Jul 1970(?) or 1967(??) --- please tell me!).

Her Official Site registration needed, currently domain captured by others! (was never fully operational)

Official guestbook

A big Fanpage seems to have vanished!

A small account of Molly Culver at last unreachable!

a few informations about her

At the moment I can only refer you to the V.I.P. show links, since there can hardly be found material at now in the Internet!

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Monica Bellucci  portrait of an Italian Hollywood actress

Actress ("Malèna"; * 30. Sep 1968), another beautiful Italian woman, at first a runway model, she exited that business rather early and despises it now, but she poses often topless for magazines; she made it even to Hollywood and is cited with "beauty is only a problem, if you lack it"...

more than just many pictures on that French site (nudes included)

another French (language) fan site

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Nichelle Nichols  portrait "Star Treks communication Lieutenant Uhura"

Actress ("Star Trek" [original]; * 29. Dec 1936), she broke some taboos at that time...

Official "Uhura" Site

Google sorted Open Directory about her

BOMIS Arts ring Nichelle Nichols

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Paula Trickey  portrait "Pacific Blues' L.A. Biker Cop Sergeant Cory McNamara"

Actress ("Pacific Blue"; * 27. Mar 1966).

Official Site

Big Paula Trickey Fanpage

Some Paula pictures

BOMIS Paula Trickey ring

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Penélope Cruz  portrait of a young actress

Spanish actress ("All about my Mother", "Woman on Top", "Belle Epoque"; * 28. Apr 1974).

Animated P.Cruz fanpage --- Shockwave Flash Player and JavaScript required!  Domain vanished!

Another nice fanpage

P.Cruz "international website" --- only in Spanisch so far; at last there occured CGI errors within galleries!

Spanish Google Open P.Cruz Directory

Google sorted Open P.Cruz Directory

Two BOMIS P.Cruz rings

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Salma Hayek  portrait of a Mexican acting beauty

Mexican actress ("Wild, Wild West", "From Dusk till Dawn", "Desperado"; * 2. Sep 1968).

Unofficial Fan Site of Salma Hayek

Google sorted Open Directory about her

BOMIS ring Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek webring

BOMIS Arts Salma Hayek ring

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Sophie Marceau  portrait of a former acting "girlie (La Boum)"

French actress (i.e. "La Boum", "Firelight", "Braveheart", "James Bond - The World is not Enough" and so on...; * 17. Nov 1966).

Big (unofficial) Homepage about her (also available in French --- of course! --- and in German) important hint: as mentioned there, fortunecity has become an invasive provider by requiring you let them set cookies for viewing any contents. Be aware of this major threat to your privacy!

A comprehensive site with more stuff about Sophie  seems to be deleted

Google sorted Open Directory about her

BOMIS ring Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau webring

BOMIS Sophie Marceau Arts ring

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Traci Bingham  portrait of a former Harvard student

Harvard student(!), "Baywatch" TV lifeguard and Playboy model --- you may call this a typical US American career! (* 13. Jan 1971) Remark: I can't comprehend, how somebody could be so stupid (you may know him well), to call her "to look like any other Baywatch babe" and to dismiss her from the (being a little stupid) "Baywatch" show (was she too intelligent?); because her black skin and hair and somewhat exotical look (she is all-natural, by the way) and her outstanding intelligence (see above) opposes clearly the typical blond "Baywatch beach babe" (this is not to be taken against the natural brunette Pamela Anderson Lee, who is admired a lot by Traci!).

Google sorted Open Directory about her

BOMIS Ring about Traci Bingham


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