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Because there are so many requests about certain celebrities as well in the Internet as on my homepage (Gabriela Sabatini and Pamela Anderson), I decided to present some links to a few of them, who have also positively impressed me --- despite not as much, as the two above mentioned; the next group of them is seperated by indentation and on the second page. And of course, not every of these impressive people are present in the Internet anyway or at least in an adequate manner.

Remark: Now I have ordered, if there are several rings, the rings according the request numbers given by webring.org and BOMIS statistics. (important hint: the BOMIS numbers are pageviews per week in the ring and its navigation system) And the Google sorting of the Open Directory owned entries is very useful, because the most meaningful sites are always on top --- unless you change the order to the alphebetical one.

The list is divided in two sections, women and men, and as at most times found, I order the women after the prenames, but the men according their afternames; this has purely practical reasons: there is a tendency even with famous women, to change their afternames with a marriage. You can jump to the desired celebrity by clicking on this table or search my entire site:

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 Alison Armitage (formerly Brittany York)
   Alley Baggett
   Andrea Corr
 Angie Harmon
   Athena Massey
   Catherine Bell
 Catherine Zeta-Jones (the Zeta is her invention) Douglas
   Courteney Cox(-Arquette)
 Diana Rigg
 GABRIELA SABATINI   (own pages)
   Holly Marie Combs
 Jaclyn Smith
 KRISTEN CLOKE (-MORGAN)   (own pages)
   Lauren Holly
   Lisa Boyle
   Manuela Arcuri
   Maria Grazia Cucinotta
   Molly Culver
   Monica Bellucci
 Natalia Estrada
   Nichelle Nichols
 PAMELA ANDERSON (LEE)   (own pages)
   Paula Trickey
   Penélope Cruz
   Salma Hayek
 Sandra Bullock
   Sophie Marceau
   Traci Bingham
(Veronika Zemanova --- own pages)

 Connery, Sean
 Dalai Lama
 Ford, Harrison
 Gretzky, Wayne
 Sampras, Pete

Here are the informations:

Alison Armitage  portrait "Acapulco H.E.A.T.s 'Cat' (Catherine) Pascal"

(* 26 Feb 1965) She gained first a limited public attention as Miss October 1990 of the Playboy magazine. At the beginning, she wanted to start a career as swimmer, but later she made it into acting, mostly known as "Catherine Pascal" or "Cat" in the action series "Acapulco H.E.A.T"; in the first season "only" number three or four in the show, she moved up into the leading position for the second season, after Catherine Oxenberg and Brandon Kelly left it. A third season with her again is scheduled for 1999. This red-haired beauty knows about her appearance very well:

Her official Homepage  (Domain name version again)   dis- and reappeared without announcements --- new version announced

Online since around mid-June 1999, there you can find many informations about her, also pictures (for example from many magazine covers) and for only 5 $ (caution: there may be a little security problem, despite SSL encoding) you can get also the "spicy" stuff, mainly from Playboy and a few other magazines. For most pictures to view (jar archives) you need a Java-enabled browser however. Remark: I've heard reports, that fan articles ordererd from her page were billed onto the credit card accounts, but nothing was delivered - maybe there is a connection to the temporarily unexpected vanishing of the page, but keep careful however!

Netwalkers Alison Armitage Fan Page now redirected to above official site!

Her biggest and already several times awarded fan page, created by an computer expert (AIX system manager). There is much additional information (also an interview) about her.

another tribute to her

BOMIS: Brittany York ring

Only a few sites about her, but a few good pictures and informations you can get nevertheless.

Google sorted open directory about her (just in the beginnings)

a polish site, but galeria and video can be clicked nonetheless currently under reconstruction

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Angie Harmon  portrait "Baywatch Nights' Ryan McBride"

(* 10 Aug 1972) Another newcomer at US-TV in the last years, she has already played in the series "Baywatch Nights", "C-16" and "Law & Order" and also in a minor movie "Lawn Dogs". Before she became an actress, she won beauty contests... But her diverse roles show, that she is more than only another pretty face. Besides this, all of her roles were in the criminal genre so far. A few homepages dealing with her follow:

Luke's Angie Harmon Fan Page (many informations)

Another homepage dedicated to her

Google sorted Open Directory about her

BOMIS Angie Harmon Ring

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Catherine (Zeta-Jones) Douglas  portrait of a dream and glamour woman

(* 25 Sep 1969) This talented Welsh actress of Greek descendance once said, that she is often talked to in Spanish - what she of course doesn't understand. A result of her latina apperance, united with her grace and in my view being the most beautiful actress in Hollywood today besides Pamela Anderson, her perfect English did the rest of the job. She made her break alongside with Antonio Banderas in "The Mask of Zorro". For example, even Sean Connery was impressed by Catherines attitude and aura during the work on "Entrapment", he admitted in Jay Lenos Tonightshow . There is now also an official homepage of her:

Catherine Zeta-Jones (Douglas)  temporarily empty, but stay tuned...

Catherine Zeta-Jones Open Directory by Google!

Several, obviously growing webrings exist out there too:

BOMIS: Zeta ring

Webring: Catherine Zeta-Jones

BOMIS: ZetaJones ring

BOMIS: Arts Catherine Zeta-Jones ring

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Diana Rigg  portrait "Emma Peel of the Avengers"

(* 20 Jul 1938) Despite her role in one of the less successful "James Bond" movies, she gained international recognition solely by her role as "Emma Peel" in the British TV show "The Avengers" (German flag "Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone"), one of the most successful TV shows world wide and of all time. As Emma Peel the beautiful Diana Rigg presented a "post-emancipation" woman more like todays women, but being a woman of the 60's. Her way to knock out many men by her Karate skills became famous and also her lady-like appearance and continued and intensified flirt with "John Steed", her colleague. Typical British and in this respect a little old-fashioned, she played before and after the role of "Emma Peel" nearly exclusive at theatre, a fact, which she later regretted herself.

a few comprehensive informations

where you can buy the Avengers on video

Another good Fan Site

Google sorted Avengers open directory

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Jaclyn Smith  portrait of the former, only all-time "Angel of Charlie"

(* 26. Oct 1947) Another woman, who gained fame by playing a character in an also very successful international TV show: as the only of "Charlies Angels", named "Kelly Garrett", who persisted throughout the complete series, she gained attention not only by male spectators, who were fascinated by her outstanding beauty (she won that very year 1999 older then 50 the third place in peoples magazine "The most beautiful People" contest), but also of TV movie producers, because of her charm and aura. For example she played in several Sidney Sheldon movies the female main part and became one of the most requested US TV actresses, despite she is also an examplary mother of two children. She didn't made it into the big Hollywood movies, but this could also be due to despising this nasty L.A. film business?

Jaclyn Smith --- Hollywood Beauty (this site is already awarded and at now clearly the best one about her)

some more Jaclyn pieces

a great site about her

I list this site, because it was the best of the relative few, despite also a little incomplete one. Another fan site can be found there:

Jaclyn Smith fan site seems to be vanished!

An Intimate Portrait of Jaclyn --- some more informations

Google sorted Jaclyn Smith open directory

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Natalia Estrada  portrait of a young professional (flamenco) dancer

(* 3. Sep 1972) Eventually the least known name on this page: she is a Spanish flamenco dancer and actress, married to an Italian, and therefore Natalia is also mainly known in these two countries. Just by chance I saw one day a picture of her in the Internet, and was already impressed by this latin beauty. She has not done much movies up to now, mainly due for her demand of quality films and roles. Besides this, she is no way prudish, as you can see among other informations about her:

Official Site new one announced, after old was ceased!

Strangely her official site is/was written in Italian, therefore limited to the South European land --- she has surely many fans also aside from Italy and Spain. And it makes/made heavily and strangely (ab-)use of JavaScript...

Natalias best fan page

At this fine site (some nudity involved) you can watch Natalia also dancing in MPEGs and Real Videos, which is viewable for ALL notable platforms. Current remark: now newer clips have the high quality and high compression div3x codec, which can be viewed too on all major platforms, despite the provided link is useless for others than M$ Win.

The fan pages are nearly all in these rings:

BOMIS Natalia Estrada ring

BOMIS Natalia Estrada pictures ring

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Sandra Bullock  portrait of the former "Speed" celebrity and major actress

(* 26 Jul 1964) This charmful and always natural behaving actress with a sound temper and very modest character (maybe also a little shy! she had a German mother and has an US father) seems to underestimate herself permanently. Simply recognize her numerous appearances in diverse Hollywood productions and also consider the fact, that participants over 30 in a quest for the most sexy actress choosed Sandra as number one, than you will agree, that her doubts about herself are clearly exaggerated - by the way, she is very far from being any type of bombshell! So the cited result came for many people as a great surprise. Another interesting fact is, that she was at a time an "Internet/Email/Chat-addict", and later she played a very convincing role - nothing to wonder about! - in the movie "The Net". And even today she is a real Internet celebrity with many sites dedicated to her, here are the most important resources to these:

Google sorted Open Sandra Bullock Directory

BOMIS: The Sandra Bullock ring

Webring: The Sandra Bullock Webring

Webring: The Sandra Ring

Webring: The Famous Sandra Bullock ring

BOMIS Sandra Bullock Arts ring

Really a lot of stuff in these four (major!) rings: she is not far less desired, then record holder Pamela Lee (Anderson)!

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Connery, Sean

(* 25. Aug 1930) Since he began his big career as "Bond, James Bond", he has developed to one of the most respected actors in Hollywood. In the decades, he is already in the business, he made so many movies, that it's very difficult, to even know them all. His face, voice and attitude are outstanding, and even (or because?) in his advanced age he is a very impressive person and therefore one of the most requested actors. Of course there are many fans of him in the Internet:

Google sorted Open Directory about him

Webring: The Sean Connery Webring

BOMIS: Sean Connery Ring

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Dalai Lama

(* 6. Jul 1935) Somebody may now ask me, what you are doing, man? But this is meant serious, despite I'm no way a buddhist. The reason for presenting the Nobel Prize winner for peace of 1989 here is mainly, because he sets an outstanding example for a positive religious leader (opposed not only by the current pope), who practises tolerance against other religions (a posture strange for far too many Islamists, for example) alongside with a convincing, consequent peaceful posture. He even recommended, that people educated in one religion should better stay with it, but to change to another one! I never heard comparable statements from comparable leaders...

The following two webrings handle the tragedy in Tibet, occupied by the collective Bejing-dictatorship and threatened in religious and cultural existance. That it has not escalated into a giant bloodshed like the one 10 years ago in Bejing, is mainly due to the positive influence of the Dalai Lama. But until now the suppression couldn't be reduced.

Official Tibet Government Page of the Dalai Lama

Google sorted Dalai Lama Open Directory

both webrings seem to be deleted! (again Yahoos fault, I suppose)

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Ford, Harrison

(* 13. Jul 1942) He is not only an experienced and highly valued actor and beloved one of many women (remarkably he loves very much the somewhat stupid role as "Indiana Jones"), but also a fine pilot as well for fixed-wing aircraft as for helicopters with a license for both, and he considers himself not as being hovering above others. Instead he works occasionally even as rescue helicopter pilot, carrying away people out of trouble areas or physical threats. Why he can't coexist with Sean Connery is hard to comprehend, but as some actors stated, it maybe the "big me" of actors, which causes that posture, especially regarding similar "big ones".

Google sorted Harrison Ford Open Directory

BOMIS Harrison Ford ring

BOMIS Arts Harrison Ford ring

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Gretzky, Wayne

(* 26. Jan 1961) The same remarks as below to Pete Sampras apply also widely to "The Great One", the last player ever, who weared the number 99 in the NHL(!). Even less than in Sampras case, there are virtually no doubts, that he was the best ice hockey player of all time, at least in the famous NHL. Despite the always modest and polite man, nearly never violating the framework of his sports (opposed to most of his colleagues), has ended his phantastic career in spring 1999, all fans will never forget his unique way of playing this very fast game. There are not many sites about him - resembling Sampras, also modest and no showbiz type -, but a few are despite this fact remarkable:

Google sorted Gretzky Open Directory

His little official homepage  is now gone, but these two rings still exist:

The Gretzky Webring  (five sites at last)

BOMIS: NHL players   (three sites dedicated to him, among others)

A profile from ESPN

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Sampras, Pete congratulations to your marriage, Pete!

(* 12 Aug 1971) Nowhere I wrote, that this page were solely dedicated to showbiz (eventually I will also list one time a religious leader or even a politician!). And the great tennis professional Pete Sampras is clearly no member of this community (opposed for example to his colleague and rival Andre Agassi, who even married a Hollywood actress). We can discuss all time, if he is the greatest tennis player of the century - and in my view he is also a fine guy - or not, but nobody denies, that he is one of the greatest, together with legends like Rod Laver, Björn Borg, Donald Budge or Fred Perry. He took several records and has time left, to improve or take these even further. He has an official homepage and also a webring in preperation, which is dedicated to him:

His official Homepage has vanished! (only general tennis information remained on the underlying CBS sports site)

It offered not only actual results of his matches and also of actual tournaments, but also some multimedia content (shockwave required, but not yet available is this solution for UNIX/LINUX systems, opposed to the already availabe Flash player 5 plugin).

Google sorted Sampras Open Directory

Webring: planned Sampras ring anchor site

another Sampras fan page

CNN/SI sports message board Sampras seems to be removed

often abused, but sometimes you may find relevant informations about him

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