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If you are searching for other celebrities then the admittedly few, for whose I have provided some links, then you may hopefully find the following hints useful.

Official Sites

For these you may be able to guess with a few trials the correct URL (domain name only, directories you will probably not find by this method!). Try to type a www (of course), then the usual colon, then the politically correct name of the celebrity, mostly as prename and surname without any delimiter as one word and finally a .com or a .net, very seldom also an .org may apply or the ISO country designation, especially if he/she is a national celebrity only. Keep in mind, that many of them don't have an official page at all and that there might be other letters in, as you would think.

Examples: Gabriela Sabatini has now the domain name www.gabrielasabatini.net, nothing unusual, despite the .com is more often used then the .net; Pamela Lee (Anderson) has with her primary official site the URL www.pamelaandersonlee.com, which shows a typical, marriage caused problem: you have to consider the maiden name (would mean pamelaanderson), the official name (would mean pamelalee) or any combination of these (pamelaleeanderson would be an alternative to the used version!).

Good luck and a little patience are required for this approach...

Search Engine Usage

This can be a nasty task due to several problems: NO search engine lists all HTML pages, which are allowed to be listed; most search engines deliver very poor results in respect of meaningfulness, so for example official sites are seldom presented among the first hits of the table and most search engines are prone to spam (especially the names of attractive famous women are often abused as keywords for sites, which have nothing to do with them) or misleaded by not intended accidents. Therefore I don't recommend to you this approach, unless you use the following, in my view by far best search engine currently available:  Google! There you don't need to put a -sex or other blockers against spam seperated by a space alongside with the searched name(s), but you have only to comply to the following rule: use a " before the prename, then a space, then the aftername and again a closing ". This is all you need to do, just browse the results (in estimated 80 to 90% of the cases, if there is one, you will find the official page on top!), you will surely find the great pages first! This is the result of the superior method of link evaluation and therefore using indirect webmaster knowledge about the site contents, compared to the inferior automatic text pattern analysis (without real contents knowledge) done by the usual, by far inferior search engines.

Mixed Search Engine/Directory Service

The old, but still valuable Yahoo! directory is maintained by a few poor people, who can't keep up with the flood of HTML pages pouring into the Internet every single day. But the advantage is obvious: the sites are scanned by people understanding their contents, and therefore it offers especially as directory a useful service for our purpose --- the manually edited database is due to the mentioned fact much older than even the Google one, which needs also more (automatic) work, than search engines, which index only the single submitted pages (Google has to follow links between pages of different sites, to perform his evaluation work!). So a simple, but fast robot like AltaVista is still one of the fastest around, but victim to the described lack of importance order and spam. You may therefore use Yahoo like Google with no changes of the method described in the section before, but more useful is it in my view (a relatively dated database!), to choose Entertainment and then for example actresses or another sub directory. There you can get a single site or another page with a list of sites, which are okay due to human judgement for this celebrity.

Topics Directories

The so-called rings of Internet sites can be very useful for the "celebrity hunt purpose". While webring.org is more for technical and general topics and offers only few rings about extremely famous persons, its "rival" BOMIS is much more suitable for it: it contains an elaborate tree of topics, where you may find some celebrities in different "nodes" of the tree, barely able to miss them... Celebrity is a major category, and the usual sub categories apply, simple click to your aim. Only one final hint seems to be necessary (and keep this in mind for any search!): if like in the case of Alison Armitage, formerly known as Brittany York, at some time a total name change occured, you have to search twice: once the old name, and then the current name; the surnames, not the prenames, are the major order delivering key among the listed people.

Special Purpose Search Engines/Directories

Like in other areas of interest there are special services for providing celebrity informations. The following can be used as search engine (on its restricted database only!) or as celebrity directory (see above):

(this one is even suitable for minors, because it excludes sites with explict nudity). Remark: at last there seemed to be any problems with the perl script or data base, but they have now vanished.

URL Collections of Celebrity Sites

Here I list a few of the fast growing and ever multiplying services. You should find your celebrity in at least one of them...

(Homunculus) Starmaps(-Online). Simply ordered after surname, grouped into alphabetical parts, you can easily explore some sites about the desired celebrity (currently about 2,000 different, female and male, are listed).

Women Celebrities is another directory about women celebrity sites, also only no-nudity sites, therefore usable (and allowed to use) for everybody.

CelebLinks is one of the leading services, also without adult contents. Google! lists it as first in its celebrity category (open directory, ordered by Google)...

Stars et Starlettes is a French site, but also available in English text, which is --- as we are used to be --- not prudish, therefore not well suited for children.

WomenCelebs another no nudity celebrity site with paged lists of sites for celebrities with more than only few listed...

Two specialized Sites

These two sites offer you celebrity birthdays, the first is more mature and complete, and thanks to its webmaster for giving me Molly Culvers birthday (day and month) after doing a lot of personal work on it!

Todays Birthday (contains a search function too)

Celebhoos birthday search tool (in the early stages of development)

How to continue after You found already at least One

Unless you have arrived on a ring (most likely a BOMIS one), your best bet to continue the search will be/are often the link list(s) of the found site(s): there you have a special collection, made by a webmastere, most often quite useful (the reason, why Google, based on these links, delivers such fine results!). And I can guarantee you: after a while exploiting seriously all the described methods you will be hardly able, to find any new sites about your favorite celebrity/-ies, safe for the cases, when just a new site appeared --- this is even a relatively seldom event in record holder cases like Pamela Lee. Good luck for your own "hunts"!


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