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An important introducing remark: generally I avoid all, what could be invasive against visitors of my homepage. And therefore I don't use any of the possibilities to gain further information about visitors by the below used CGI calls; only the votes are counted anonymously; nothing more. You can be sure, that this is unlike many other sites using CGI --- and you can't deactivate this, contrary to the potential or real invasive elements like Java(Script), Cookies and so on (the reason for the technically interested: the call is executed on the server, and not like the others by your browser, therefore you have no influence on it) . At principal you can avoid activating cgi actions in links and forms, but this requires careful surfing...

Final remark: "always" means to be willing, to show off nude as well in a movie as for magazines like "Playboy", and "never" therefore the opposite: neither for movies nor for magazines.

What nudity posture of celebrities do you respect most?

Showing always nude
Showing never nude
Sticking to show either always or never nude
Showing nude only in movies
Their posture doesn't matter at all

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Most respected celebrity nudity posture


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