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Considering how the celebrities on my link page and the ones with own pages on my site look, I'm nearly feeling guilty for my selection --- but only nearly. The old rule, that beauty is at least partly caused by inner values, seems to be an ever lasting truth, and therefore this is not as superficial as some may think.

Important: below you must finally scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the number of celebs you know of these, to make your vote valid!

Intentionally I have limited this on the question "how looks her head" (not only her face, despite hair color and shape may change sometimes), and because I generally don't like natural blondes (a matter of mental posture), there are no such among these (only by coloring Pamela Anderson seems to be bright blond, and Kristen Cloke and Lauren Holly have worn blond for a certain time too).

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Final remarks: to evaluate better the outcome, you are forced to mark your knowledge of these celebs at the bottom --- but you can choose none, any arbitrary number or even all to vote for (though I recommend at least 1 and at most 10), because the decision can be quite difficult. Personally speaking and as an example I have decided for the 5 most beautiful in my eyes out of these 27...

Who are the most beautiful of these celebs in your eyes?

Alison Armitage
Alley Baggett
Andrea Corr
Angie Harmon
Athena Massey
Catherine Bell
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Courteney Cox
Diana Rigg
Gabriela Sabatini
Holly Marie Combs
Jaclyn Smith
Kristen Cloke
Lauren Holly
Lisa Boyle
Manuela Arcuri
Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Molly Culver
Natalia Estrada
Nichelle Nichols
Pamela Anderson
Paula Trickey
Penélope Cruz
Salma Hayek
Sandra Bullock
Sophie Marceau
Traci Bingham

How many of the above you know? I know all (but at most 2) I know at least the half I know less than the half

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