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Short Introduction

This title sounds exaggerated for sure --- but how you are reading this anyway? I have put together some pages, which should be helpful or at least interesting for you, together with some links to other resources regarding this topic.

Own Links

Primary Resources

the tools of the trade: browser overview   [30. Dec 2004]
browser statistics: who is hot and who is not...   [27. Jun 2006]
layout prototype and browser check pages: version 1   [19. Feb 2004]   version 2 [19. Feb 2004]
browsers on GNU/Linux   [ 7. Jan 2003]
browsers on Mac OS X   [ 5. Mar 2003]

More loosely related Own Pages

about web standards and browser support for them   [19. Feb 2004]
about link prefetching   [ 2. Jan 2003]
about web server log analysis   [ 3. May 2003]

External Links

Primary Resources

Upsdells browser pages
Google sorted web browser open directory
CSS support: browser tests
OS X browsers comparison

Supporting Links

the official w3c HTML validator
official w3c standards site

Recommended Browsers

official home of the OSS Gecko engine: Mozilla, Phoenix, Camino(=Chimera),...
official site of the fine commercial Opera browser


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