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(last update 25. Jun 2006, current time: 21. Jan 2019 02:31:22 CET)

Introducing Remarks

To see the global tendencies I have created this little page, displaying the major changes with a table and with a picture. All details are omitted; please read the remarks for understanding, how these numbers are to interpret: this important issue is often neglected in too rough and unclear made statistic overviews. Especially browsers endemic to one or a few operating systems, often implying low overall numbers, are victim of this big picture approach.

Table and Explanations

browsermid 2001begin 2002mid 2002begin 2003mid 2003begin 2004mid 2004begin 2005mid 2005begin 2006
Firefox (and Firebird/Mozilla)
Netscape 6–
old Netscape (<= 4.8)9742.41.60.910.500.650.250.25

Graphical Depiction of the Numbers

All remarks of above hold true, it is just a split graph. It has a monopoly part (the upper one) and a market part (the lower) one, due to the tremendous consequences of the infamous OS and browser desktop monopolies.

General remark regarding the used SVG media type: this is an open standard (by the w3c) for vector graphics, ideally suited for such applications. Sadly enough, the browser/plugin support for it is far less than ideal: At now only the Adobe SVG viewer plugin 3.01 (for GNU/Linux still a beta with obvious stability issues, for Mac OS X a non-UFS conformant Carbon app still in version 3.0) supports reasonably the SVG viewing in browsers like Mozilla and Opera (and in the monopoly browser too); otherwise only a rudimentary native SVG support for Mozilla (Firebird/-fox) is available in special SVG enabled builds up to Firefox 1.0.7 and Mozilla 1.7.x. Only current Firefox 1.5 (and also other Gecko 1.8 based browser) and later builds can display this SVG fairly good! Opera 9 (preview at time of writing) can display it also well without a plugin. On the other hand you may download the Batik Java software and use the included Batik browser Squiggle to view the downloaded SVG.

Image version (PNG, lower quality, less scalable)

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