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(last update 4. Feb 2003, see AMI TCPA BIOS and VIA)

This page gives you a short overview of the bad and good vendors of Hard- and Software. It is meant as a guideline for you, what to buy and not to buy and what to install and not to install; it is limited to the most important (non-)members of the TCPA cartel and a short remark/description of it. For a list, which was complete in summer 2002 and is now kept secret, obviously to make it more difficult for us, to discriminate between different vendors and to react accordingly by avoiding such products, see elsewhere, maybe best at AgainstTCPA

TCPA Hardware Vendors and Devices

Never buy this respective from these!

Intel has announced to build the big brother already in the next Pentium class chip (called Prescott, either still P IV or already P V)

AMD like Intel, they will integrate the evil into the next processor types like the new 64 bit model

Motorola not yet announced, but Motorola is TCPA member, so check their hardware carefully!

VIA Technologies it escapes me, why the board and CPU vendor from Taiwan recently joined the TCPA cartel, because they sacrifice many business opportunities this way regarding selling not big brother enabled hardware, I suspect strongly, that heavy pressurizing by the USA has broken them.

IBM is already selling ThinkPad laptops with Fritz-Chip onboard --- even the reseller I asked didn't new that!

Siemens and Fujitsu-Siemens are also TCPA members, therefore care is required regarding their hardware products

Toshiba is also no longer trustworthy, because they signed too

American Megatrends (AMI) is selling as first vendor a TCPA-BIOS, you should absolutely avoid those BIOSs by AMI (they are for sure on boards with TCPA/TCM/Fritz-Chip, because this would make no sense otherwise)

Phoenix (BIOS) is developing massively an own TCPA BIOS, as mentioned before for AMI, this is the point, when all this becomes really dangerous!

Other aggressors shortly mentioned: Dell Computers, Gateway Incorporation, NEC, Sony, 3Com, Acer, Transmeta (yes, the company Linus Torvalds is (yet!) working for)

So far I know clean Vendors

These boards and CPUs can be considered as not dangerous --- at least so far (I know).

Sun still practises open mind in every regard and declines the TCPA system --- don't hesitate to buy their products

Apple produces still TCPA-free PC mainboards and bootroms, but the processors are from above mentioned TCPA members Motorola and Apple, therefore despite those CPUs not (yet?) have a TCPA control system built in, you have to watch carefully, how this one develops.

TCPA Software Producers

Micro$oft is leading this evil development, as usual. Since Win2000 Servicepack 3 and XP Servicepack 1 users have to sacrifice all of their rights to the Redmond mob, to use these updates. Palladium, the even more threatening model of TCPA created by them, is the ultimate vehicle to cancel freedom of speech and word and much more; it will go public in the not too far future! With them it is absolutely clear, that the major aim is abusing the unprecedented power they gain this way solely to their own advantage and to the complete disadvantage of the victims, still but only cynically called "customers". These poor people, to which I don't belong, will be then so effectively bound to the Redmond Mob products, that they will never be able to switch to anything else, even if they desire as much as they can. The dream of no non-M$ choice at all of the Redmond gang may become true this way.

IBM and HP are creating corrupted "Linux" systems, which also obey only their orders, but not yours. This terminates the freedom of you using it and offenses clearly the GPL, which guarantees you free, unhindered access on all parts of the OS.

Adobe has tried to suppress freedom of documents/informations and software developers in the past, and tries obviously to make this approach waterproof within the illegal TCPA cartel. For example, a TCPA system will not allow you to run free GhostScript/GhostView implementations, which sidestep the encryption/no printing controls of Adobe.

Symantec: these incompetent people, which doesn't know really about security questions, are so dependent on M$, that they signed too, I think --- don't buy their useless shit at all!

Clean Software Products

GNU/Linux in its community shape, led by Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman, persists as the freedom enhancing OS in the world, reigned by the GPL, as long it is not polluted respective corrupted by TCPA hardware and illegal TCPA enabling features.

OpenOffice is another important GPL software like GNU/Linux, which is community controlled open source and of strategic importance for most people.

Ximian Evolution is superficial an Outlook clone, but opposed to that a secure and standard conforming mail client and calendar/time management and groupware application, also under the GPL.

Mozilla is the browser/web application suite with the most features of all: leading implementations of virtually all, even recent w3c standards and very user-friendly, opposed to some nonsense reported --- the more advanced features can be safely ignored, if you don't need them.

Remarkable TCPA signers: smash them!

American Express is obviously tempted to establish control about its customers --- this kind of lack of trust is a very bad thing from a company, you need to trust a lot ---, as customer of them I have started to use the AmEx card no more and will insist, that they leave the TCPA cartel, otherwise I will terminate my contract with them.

SSH Communications Inc. is violating all trust this way: providing secure communication is no longer believable, after they signed this one-sided control system too.

Verisign is like SSH Communications abusing the trust in them needed to the fullest extent by joining the big brother system community.

The worst Case of All

If the US make another not constitution conforming legislation (the first of these was DMCA, the "Digital Millennium Copyright Act", which limits civil rights one-sided and unnecessary, while honoring only economical interests of big trusts) out of the TCPA initiative, this means, that this essentially US economic cartel tries to rule the world. Few countries like France, Russia or China can be considered as never accepting this; all others may be controlled completely by that illegal trust, abusing an unconstitutional legislation, earlier or later. This is a check, if a government/parliament truly defends democracy: if they obey the TCPA, they are making themselves the puppets of that cartel. No chance to escape: because the TCPA monopoly controls the keys, they can easily change, keep secret or give wrong ones to governments and parliaments, and these can't do anything effective against that --- even the NSA will be unable to break the TCPA control system, by the way.


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