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Flying has fascinated humans since they could perceive, what birds, bats and insects are doing. With the entering of the technical age also the possibility of human flying by technical means arised. Despite nowadays being routine for millions of passengers every year, a hobby for gliders and motor plane pilots, balloonists and so on as well as a job for civilian and military pilots, it has not lost it's fascination at all, nor the fascination by the flying vehicles has decreased. This topic holds therefore also an area in the Internet. And one final remark: as every invention of not very single usage possibilities, planes are also abused in a destructive manner. But as long mass murderers like Saddam Hussein or Slobodan Milosevic have power - and this will be the case for a long time to come - the construction and use of military aircraft is unavoidable.


Aviation Directory title
The Aviation Directory
This is a major site, which offers the following: a specialized search engine, links and many categories of aviation. This is therefore a good overview, but as ever the links are difficult to maintain, so take there advice to mail them any occuring link failure. Multiple ways of navigation in the site are available.

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ADN Aircraft Search Engine

Aircraft Finder
Even for selling/buying and with in-build search function too this other major site, a partner of above aeroseek search engine, gives you another general entry to the topic. Also lots of related topic like weather and jobs are treated within.


Aviation Webring

A frequent hit webring with once more than 1,000 aviation sites. There you will find also all types of informations of flying anyway, from planes over helicopters up to airships and so on...


Stealth Fighters LogoStealth Planes
There a good overview of the modern US military planes is presented, which are difficult to detect with infrared as well with radar technologies and/or difficult to hit by usual weapon systems. The most intrigueing is the Aurora project; the existence of it is some type of certainty, despite the secret project is denied officially as usual - spy planes are the last, whose existence is early announced publicly.

F22 logoF-22 Raptor - official Site
The most actual informations about the testing and further developing of the prototypes of the most advanced fighter plane in the world can be read at this site. It's the first real 21. century plane, because it will not be ready for duty in the USAF before 2004 and it's the first figther with the ability, to cruise without afterburning with supersonic speed.Remark: meanwhile that site has sadly enough become a good example for heavy JavaScript abuse - you see nothing without JavaScript enabled, not even a message, and the presentation is now much worse then before (too litte window...) Current remark: I have changed again the above URL, supposedly you don't need longer the invasive JavaScript to be activated.

David Hastings Military Planes Site
Another site with a selection of military planes, it takes the sight of the UK, or more specific of the RAF and Royal Navy. For example the two competing entries for the Joint Strike Fighter are presented. The decision, who gets the order to deliver them to the USAF, USN, USMC and RN, has still to come.


Blue Angels bannerThe Blue Angels - official site
This is the homepage of the flight demonstration squadron of the supposedly best military pilots of the world from the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps. They are used to fly from and land on aircraft carriers and to perform real combat all over the world in nearly every conflict in which the USA gets involved. There are informations, several images and animations of their high-skilled performances available.


Aircraft Carriers       Naval Planes of the USA
Because it's impossible to separate naval planes like F-14 Tomcat or F-18 Hornet from their swimming bases, the aircraft carriers, these links provide information about both. As already mentioned above, these forces belong to the most important, if military power has to be projected by the USA in remote parts of the world.


Airbus Industries
To balance all this military stuff, here is the homepage of the passenger jets, I clearly like mostly. With a modern concept, modular construction and advanced avionics Airbus eats up step by step the advantage of Boeing in terms of selled planes and market percentage. Recently Airbus has overtaken Boeing even in the number of orders! Remember, that there are virtually no other competitors today in the market of medium and big passenger aircraft. Of these planes I like most the newest one already flown by airlines, the A340. Even an intercontinental trip (nonstop) from Paris to San Francisco with it was a pleasure - despite it's duration of 11 hours (real time consumption, the time zone difference of nine hours can irritate anyway). The homepage uses frames. Current remark: sadly enough the common JavaScript abuse has now also taken place at this site! One frame is empty with secure deactivated configuration. But I'm sure, you can trust them.

German flag Als Kontrapunkt zu den obigen, militärisch relevanten Angelegenheiten präsentiere ich hier die offizielle Seite von Airbus. Mit modernem Konzept, modularer Konstruktion und fortgeschrittener Avionik holt Airbus Schritt für Schritt den Vorsprung von Boeing auf, was verkaufte Flugzeuge und Marktanteile betrifft. Inzwischen hat Airbus Boeing sogar nach der Zahl der Bestellungen überholt! Man bedenke, daß außer diesen praktisch keine Konkurrenten mehr auf dem Weltmarkt für mittlere und größere Passagierflugzeuge existieren. Von den Airbus-Modellen gefällt mir der A340 am besten. Selbst ein Nonstop-Flug Paris-San Francisco mit ihm war eine sehr angenehme Erfahrung - obwohl der Flug 11 Stunden dauert (tatsächlicher Zeitbedarf, der Zeitzonenunterschied von neun Stunden kann da etwas verwirren). Es werden Frames eingesetzt. Aktuelle Anmerkung: leider hat der um sich greifende JavaScript-Missbrauch auch diese Homepage erfasst. Allerdings gehe ich davon, aus, dass diese Seite vertrauenswürdig ist.


Zeppelins Official LogoZeppelin NT Official Site
There you can witness the efforts of the originator of the past giant airships to create new ones improved against the former models, whose area ended tragically about 50 years ago due to a major accident caused by the dangerous Hydrogen gas, which carried them. The new airships named NT (New Technology) Zeppelins are a mixture of the former ones and the since them exclusively used blimps: they have only few firm elements for appending engines,  tail unit and cabin and combine therefore the advantages of low weight and a firm construction without taking into account the disadvantages of lacking one of them. This is primarily required, bccause the for safety reasons necessary Helium gas has the double "molecular" weight compared with the formerly used Hydrogen gas, which is a clear weight disadvantage. Also the engine and propeller constructions are improved for better maneuverability. One further advantage of this concept is, that size sets again no direct limit, for the balloon-like blimps have mechanical problems, which inhibit enlargement of them. Hint: now massive frame and script usage may cause trouble visiting the site...

German flag Der berühmte Luftschiffbauer des Grafen Zeppelin kehrt mit einer halbstarren Konstruktion in das "alte" Geschäft zurück. Der Grund für die Abkehr vom früheren Konzept des starren Luftschiffs ist ein doppelter: da aus Sicherheitsgründen heute Helium statt Wasserstoff (Hindenburg-Katastrophe!) als Füllgas verwendet werden muß, das aber nur die Hälfte des Auftriebs liefert, muß die übrige Konstruktion leichter werden; außerdem wäre die ganze Nieterei des komplexen starren Gerüsts heute viel zu teuer. Daher gibt es nur wenige Verstrebungen, an denen die Passagier-/Transport- und die Motorengondeln sowie die Leitwerke und der ebenfalls neuartige Heckrotor zur Verbesserung der Manövrierfähigkeit v.a. im Langsamflug angebracht sind. Dadurch ist dieses Luftschiff nach wie vor den sogenannten Blimps, den unstarren Luftschiffen, überlegen, da diese durch ihre ballonartige, weiche Hülle eine natürliche Größenbegrenzung und ebenso begrenzte Manövrierfähigkeit hinnehmen müssen. Hinweis: massiver Frame- und Script-Gebrauch können nun beim Besuchen Probleme machen...


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