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(last update 25. Jul. 1999)
In earlier times some groups of society, especially the out-dated Catholic Church, have hampered and even for certain times damaged and broken down many scientific advances. Nowadays there are other problems dominating, especially risen by the abuse of science and betraying people, who state doing some form of science, despite in reality they ignore or even abuse it. Two such cases are presented in the following critique.


Astrology: a traditional abuse and twist of Astronomy

It's often cited, that Kepler did astrological "work". What's less known, is, that he despised this and did it only to gain a little extra money and reputation - at that time nothing unusual. But it seems, that the situation has not much changed since them.

Consider what astrology states: the time of birth and the actual constellations, especially the positions of solar system bodies against the stars, shall determine the fate of humans.

There are several major faults in this picture: only the pre-telescope planets are used (if we know, they are there or not of course doesn't matter), the real influence in physical relations is clearly neglectable (only sun and moon have a recognizable gravitational and other impacts on earth) and last but not least the entire scheme has broken down since ancient times due to the process called precession.

As mentioned above, sun and moon influence the earth with differential gravitation, which causes the rotational axis of our planet to make a circle (no exact circle, because there is also a fluctuation in the tilt) in around 25,800 years. Now consider the time elapsed since the old greek, who defined the constellations, which are used also today only on a refined base: about 2,000 years. The quotient shows, that about 1/12 of a circle was since them "orbited", which means simply, that the zodiac and the star constellations today not coincide. That means, there is a fault of one constellation of zodiac or about one month in the astrological schedule. No one of the astrologists takes this into account, also the above facts are simply ignored.

The reason for their doing is simply to make money of the unsureness and lacking of science education of many people. Sometimes I wonder, why the churches not clearly fight astrology, because similar to communism it's a type of substituting religion and therefore total inacceptable for any real religious community.

An effect, that can make appear a statistical effect is simply the change of seasons throughout the year in the major inhabited parts of the earth, which may have a certain impact onto childs born in these different seasons only by temperature and another weather related factors.

And the astrologists themselves are either idiots, ignoring facts and science, or simply bandits, who make money out of it, despite the knowledge, that it is total nonsense.

The conclusion is simply: throw away any horoscopes and ignore and despise people, who do astrology, because they are not worth to be respected.

Another related Nonsense: Nostradamus...

In my view this is not the only case, in which a psychologist or somewhat similar went crazy...

The mysterious four-liners, written by this charlatan, are interpreted in nearly every imaginable way. Very seldom exactly dates for so-called coming invents are stated, and of course you will witness no remarkable event in July/August 1999, despite he wrote something about a "king of horror, descending from heaven".

If it not were, that mainly poorly educated and not critical thinking people sometimes believe in this sort of stuff, it would be only for the amusement for academics and other, what type of hysteria is often created by todays charlatans with these middle-age verses.

"Scientology Church": a great threat to ALL of us...

Founded by the science fiction author Ron Hubbard this union has developed into a real dangerous thing, which we in Germany call a criminal union. They betray their members in every possible way, to take their money and increase the commercial power. Their protection is, to call themselves a church, this makes it more difficult for democratic countries, to fight them.

The cause, that I'm really upset about them, is, that they claim to be scientific based, which is of course total bullshit - sorry: never science can be used as a religion or similar help for life, because it's only a technical enterprise to gain informations about nature and a priori without ethic values. The last fact sometimes creates even trouble, for not so few of us tend to ignore ethical considerations, if they may interfere with our work. This danger is especially high in ABC weapons related topics and nowadays in the molecular biology/genetics.

And besides, when a sect like the one in Japan performs terroristic activities, it's impossible to accept it only because they call themselves religious. The same holds true for scientology: it should be simply forbidden and membership punished as usual with criminal unions. But they are smart enough, to be not so easy proven as such an union. But please fight them anyway. These total unscrupulous people can even gain political power, if they succeed further in gaining great amounts of money, and in the USA they may have already some political influence.


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